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Scinomix BB Dropper


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The Scinomix BB Dropper

Automatically dispenses BBs into microplates and more

The Scinomix BB Dropper is a bench-top device that can automatically dispense metallic beads, also known as BBs, into each of the wells of ANSI/SLAS microplates, deep well blocks and tube blocks/racks.

These metallic BBs are used for bead beating and homogenization, which is mainly done in the agricultural industry. This is where plant tissue and seeds need to be homogenized for better research and analytics of these samples.

The Scinomix BB dropper has a large hopper capacity and can be extended to hold even more BBs, offering you valuable walk-away time, while the BB dropper will the wells with the required amount of beads. The BB Dropper can be operated stand-alone or integrated into larger third-party systems.

The Scinomix BB dropper automatically fills the wells of each plate

And does so quite rapidly

Fills wells automatically
Fast automic filling

With the Scinomix BB dropper you determine the amount of BBs that gets dispensed in each of the wells in a microplate or tubes in a sample rack. This BB dropper can dispense from 1 BB up to 10 BBs per well. With a 96-well microplate the bb dropper can drop up to 960 BB’s in matter of seconds. Because of its user-friendly interface, your team can select the amount of BB’s that gets dispensed in each well.

The Scinomix BB dropper drops a single BB in all of the wells in one session before it reloads. The operation of dropping the BBs in the wells takes roughly 4,2 seconds per BB. So filling each of the wells of a single plate with 10 BBs, takes no longer then 45 seconds.

The Scinomix BB dropper has an adjustable height

And has adjustable cartridges for various BB sizes

Adjustable height
Adjustable cartridges

Thanks to the adjustable height of the dispensary mechanism you can place any plate/block up to 80mm on the loading dock of the Scinomix BB dropper. This allows you to integrate the Scinomix BB dropper into your current laboratory setup without having to change microplates.

Your team can easily change the BB cartridges, which allows your team to use various BB sizes. This means you don’t have to purchase a BB dropper for each BB size you already have.

The hopper of the Scinomix BB dropper is expandable

And is a user-friendly plug and play device

Expandable Hopper

Without any upgrades the Scinomix BB Dropper can hold up to 20.000 BBs, depending on the size of the BB’s. The hopper fits around 3.800 of the largest BB it can handle.
But you can also get an attachment for the BB dropper’s hopper. This extension will double the size of the hopper, allowing you to have a maximum of 40.000 BBs loaded in the hopper. This hopper extension is ideal for situations where you have the BB dropper implemented into a large automated environment.

The Scinomix BB dropper is an very easy to use bench-top equipment that can be operated without any former training. This and the user-friendly interface means that the BB dropper of Scinomix is a Plug-and-Play device that doesn’t require any external software or very long setup times.


Product features


The operating height of the dispensary mechanism is adjustable to accommodate various plate/block heights (up to 80mm).


Interchangeable cartridges can be used with the BB Dropper to allow for various BB sizes.


The standard BB Dropper can hold up to 20,000 BBs depending on their size. With the optional hopper extension, it can hold up to 40,000 BBs.


The Scinomix BB Dropper is a plug-and-play device with an easy setup process for the user.

  • Average cycle time 4.193 seconds per BB
  • Number of BBs per well 1-10 depending on size
  • Air requirements 80-90 PSI at 1 CFM
  • Plate height specifications 14.4mm to 80mm

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