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Scinomix Sci-Pump

SKU: SC2000-0750

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The Scinomix Sci-Pump

The ideal attachment to evenly dispense liquids

The Scinomix Sci-pump is a peristaltic pump attachment for the Scinomix Sci-Print tube labellers: the Sci-Pint VX2 and the Sci-Pint VXL. When combined with a tube labeller, this peristaltic pump can dispense small volumes of Aqueous fluids into the different sample storage tubes.

The Sci-Pump is a user-friendly peristaltic pump which allows the user to set the correct volumes to dispense with the touch of a button. The Sci-Pump is best used when you wish to dispense the same reagent type into a lot of sample tubes or when you wish to bulk dispense fluids.

Dispense even the lowest amounts of fluids with the Sci-Pump

And know that every tube gets the same amount every time

Small volumes
Proportional distribution

With the Sci-Pump by Scinomix, you will be able to easily distribute very small amounts of liquids into sample storage tubes or cryovials. The Sci-pump starts as low as 50 uL per operation and goes up from there. The number of fluids you wish to dispense can be changed in the setup menu of the tube labeller that you are using when you have selected the “filling” option.

Because the Sci-pump uses high-quality components, your team is ensured of highly reproducible flow rates. This means that the Sci-Pump will distribute the liquids across all the selected sample storage tubes proportionally.

High quality components ensure a long lifespan of the Sci-Pump

While disposable consumables ensure the use of multiple fluids

High Quality components
Sterile consumables

The Sci-Pump is equipped with all sorts of high quality components like the eight rollers, strong tubing and nylon barbs. This ensures the long lifespan of the Sci-pump, especially with the parts that get in contact with the liquids.

Do you wish to use more then one liquid with the Sci-Pump? Then you can easily dispose of the tubing that is used by the peristaltic pump in between sessions. Adding a new tubing allow you to use another liquid while maintaining sterile conditions.

The Sci-Pump fits on every desk

and can be operated with the touch of a button

Compact Design
Very User-Friendly

Thanks to its compact size, the Sci-Pump fits perfectly next to the Sci-Print VX2 or the Sci-Print VXL. It is even designed to fit in between the tube labeller and one of the bulk feeders, taking up unused space.

Everyone can easily operate the Sci-Pump with the touch of a button on the menu of the tube labeller. The machine also integrates into your labelling system without a lot of downtime, saving you both time and frustration among the team.

Product features

Precise Volumes

With the Scinomix Sci-Pump you are ensured that every tube gets the same amount of liquids every time.

Low volumes

With the Sci-pump you can have the Sci-Print labellers dispense very small amounts of volumes if required

High Quality

Thanks to its high quality components, the Sci-pump is build to last. Extra attention went to the part who are exposed to the liquids.


The Sci-Pump is easy to install, fits on every bench-top and anyone of your team is able to operate it. This is what makes the plug-and-play Sci-pump so attractive.

  • Dead volume setup ~7 mL (can be recovered at the end if required)
  • Dispensing volumes 50 μL or greater
  • Works with Sci-Print VX2 & Sci-Print VXL
  • Reagent Type Aqueous fluids
  • Solvents No organic solvents
  • Operating environment Indoor use only
  • Operating temperature 10 degrees C to 40 degrees C
  • Operating humidity 20% to 80% non-condensing
  • Cap compatibility Caps must be wider than the depth
  • Combined max tube/rack height 8,9cm
  • Length 20,3mm (8″)
  • Width 25,4cm (10″)
  • Height 19,1cm (7.5″)
  • Weight 4.4kg (9.8 lbs.)

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