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Aliquoting Automation

Overcome your borders in sample aliquoting with automated aliquoting systems

With automated aliquoting systems you can safely aliquot samples and reagents while offering you and your colleagues valuable walk-away time. By choosing for aliquoting automation, you can increase productivity and efficiency in the laboratory. While the machine takes care of the tedious tasks, your team can focus on what matters: quality research.

The products from Scinomix offer you a way to automate the aliquoting workflows from start to finish. Bulk feed your aliquot tubes into the automated tube labeler and never lose track of the aliquoted samples again. Repetitive injuries are a thing of the past while you eliminate the risk for human errors.

Work with user-friendly software and easy to setup protocols

Our automated aliquoting systems can operate with imported worklist driven runs. These worklists are easily created through provided Excel templates. There is no need to write complicated codes, the software already takes care of that for you.

Thanks to the intelligent software, you can control the pipetting parameters yourself. You get to determine factors like liquid classes, mixing after dispensing and leading or trailing air gaps. You are in control.