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Scinomix RapidCAP2


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The Scinomix RapidCAP2

An automated capping and decapping system

The Scinomix RapidCAP2 is the ultimate automated capping system that fits in every laboratory environment. The RapidCAP2 is designed to cap, decap and recap your sample storage tubes, so you don’t have to.

During capping the RapidCAP2 makes sure the seal of the cap is tight enough on the sample storage tube, so there wont be any loss of your valuable samples. A big cap-hopper allows you to drop your caps off and walk away from the machine. This enables you to focus on other important tasks. Since the RapidCAP2 is factory configured to the user’s specific needs, minimal setup time is required at the user’s facility.

There is a reason why rapid is the name

But did you also know about its storage capacity?

High Speeds
High Capacity

The high-speed recapper RapidCAP2 is able to cap or decap a single sample storage tubes in under 4,75 seconds. So to cap an entire 96-well rack of tubes, your capping process is done in under 7,5 minutes. This gives you plenty of time to focus on other on your research, saving you the time having to manually cap an entire rack of tubes.

The Scinomix RapidCAP2 is able to hold up to two sample racks with the SBS footprint or custom made racks from Scinomix. Being able to hold two racks, instead of the usual one gives you even more walk-away time.

Another unique feature of the Scinomix RapidCAP2 is the ability of bulk-feeding the machine with caps. Attached to the machine is a large hopper for easy storage of caps. The RapidCAP2 is able to bulk feed them and tighten them on the Sample tubes.

The fully automated RapidCAP2 is very intelligent

And is equiped with a unique cap selection tool

Automated cap selection tool

To add another level of quality control, Scinomix equipped the RapidCAP2 with a cap colour detection system. This detection system ensures that the correct colour cap is selected and placed on the sample storage tubes. The remaining coloured caps are ejected and land in a reservoir below the machine. This filters out the wrong coloured caps that may present a different sample type.

Lab managers benefit greatly from correctly coloured capped tubes, because a right coloured cap also lets everyone in lab know what is in the tubes/vials. THis gives more structure and better overview of the samples you are working with. Therefore the RapidCAP2 is designed to eliminate Human Error and ejects the wrong coloured caps.

Another thing lab managers don’t have to worry about is downtime in the lab when setting up the machine. This is because the RapidCAP2 is extremely easy to operate and is already pre-installed delivered. The lab saves tremendous amounts of time not having to setup the machine and the lab employees don’t need a comprehensive manual to learn how to operate the RapidCAP2.

RapidCAP2 is very user-friendly

And integrates into your workflow without any hassle

Very User-Friendly
Integrates easily

The compact design of the RapidCAP2 allows for a lot of leftover desk space for other upgrades. It also makes it easier to integrate the RapidCAP2 into other automated systems. With an comprehensive yet simplefied interface with touchscreen software, there is almost no set-up time required.

Nobody has time to (re)learn an entire new system, especially in laboratory environments where productivity is key to success. A new lab equipment needs be plug & play and integrate into the current situation. And that is where is the RapidCAP2 pulls it strength.

Not only does the RapidCAP2 integrate into the workflow of the users, but also very easily adjusts to the labware your team is currently using. The RapidCAP2 is able to cap and decap sample storage tubes ranging in size from 0.5 ml to 2ml. This means that there aren’t many tubes the RapidCAP2 can’t process.


Product features

Quality Controlled

The RapidCAP2 can work with and process any cap color. It also has a color detection system that can sort out particular cap colors for an extra layer of quality control.


The RapidCAP2 is designed with modular components to make servicing quick and easy, which ultimately minimizes production down time in the lab.


The RapidCAP2 can function as a stand alone unit or be integrated into a third-party automation environment.


The RapidCAP2 is designed with a user-friendly touch screen software that portrays a visual graphic of the tubes being capped and decapped. Users can also select specific tubes and racks to cap and decap.

  • Capping speed 4.75 seconds per tube
  • Decapping speed 4.75 seconds per tube
  • Hopper capacity +/- 1000 caps (depending on the brand)
  • Rack requirements 2 SBS footprint racks or custom racks from Scinomix
  • Air pressure requirements 90 psi
  • Air requirements Clean and Dry Air
  • Operating environment Indoor use only
  • Operating temperature 10° C to 40° C
  • Operating humidity 20% to 80% non-condensing
  • Cap compatibility Caps must be wider than the depth
  • Combined max tube/rack height 8,9 cm
  • Length 56 cm (22”)
  • Width 48 cm (19”)
  • Heigth 56 cm (22”)
  • Weight 40 kg

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