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GenTegra RNAdvantage™

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Leading RNA Protection

For long-term storage at room temperature

Whenever you have collected fresh tissue and would like to protect it, you have several options. The most common method always has been flash freezing, and the company GenTegra provided the product RNAlater to protect RNA at room temperature. Innovation, of course, never stops, and GenTegra has now introduced RNAdvantage, which offers significantly better RNA protection in tissues. With RIN scores that are over or at 1 better than RNAlater, and an overal RIN value of 7 or higher, RNAdvantage clearly is the next step in early RNA protection. You can be assured of excellent RNA sequencing results with these numbers. Your RNA extraction will never be rejected of too low RIN values.

Apply RNAdvantage immediately

Easily integrated into your protocol

The way of using RNAdvantage is identical to RNAlater, which means that it can be substituted easily without changes to your protocol. The benefits of RNAdvantage include rapid RNase inactivation, protection at room temperature for 7 – 14 days, no rtPCR or library prep inhibition, and it makes field collection of tissue samples much easier. The ability to store your samples at room temperature eliminates the need for power-consuming freezers, saving you money, but additionally lifting some of the burden that rests on our planet nowadays. Of course freezing is still an option, and it will extend the lifetime of your sample by an even greater amount.

Product features


The RIN scores of RNAdvantage are even better than other alternatives of GenTegra, and the overall RIN value is always 7 or higher. This exceeds the requirements of commercial sequencing services.

Excellent preservation for downstream research

The major advantage of RNAdvantage is the ability to perform high-quality downstream studies. This is due to the excellent preservation made possible by GenTegra RNAdvantage, with its excellent RIN scores of 7 or more.


Your RNA samples can be stored for up to 14 days at room temperature, and much longer at refrigerator temperature.


RNAdvantage is known for its simplicity of use for early RNA extraction, making it good to use in the field.

Top class RIN values

Exceeds all expectations

The RIN values of protection of RNA by RNAdvantage has even exceeded the requirements at commercial sequencing services (Genewiz RIN ≥6.0 and Novogene RIN ≥5.8). The ratio of the 18s peak to the 28s peak is another metric for RNA integrity. Over an assortment of six different tissue types, the ratios for 28s/18s were consistently better for RNA tissue samples protected with RNAdvantage at 14 days then for RNAlater protected samples at 7 days. As an example, spleen tissue showed essentially no change between 7 days and 14 days at room temperature.

In every tissue tested by GenTegra the RIN score at 7-days for RNAdvantage exceeded the stringent requirement for a RIN score of ≥7 and in all tissues the 14-day RIN scores were such that excellent RNAseq could be performed on the samples. University core sequencing facilities often have more stringent requirements on the RIN number for RNA being submitted for RNAseq. The RIN values for the RNAdvantage protected samples are either at or very close to the Core lab requirements as to ensure excellent RNAseq results. Protect your RNA from the start in the best possible way.

  • Storage at room temperatures (15 – 25°C) 2 weeks
  • Storage at refrigeration temperatures (2 – 8°C) 2 months
  • Storage at frozen temperatures (< – 70°C) > 1 Year
  • RNase protection
  • Oxidation Protection

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NEW at NBS Scientific

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