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GenTegra RNA

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Preserve and Protect RNA samples at ambient temperatures

Securely store, transport, and handle RNA samples with GenTegra

GenTegra RNA protects RNA samples from any kind of RNase damage. When RNA samples are dried, they are ready for safe and secure shipment at ambient temperatures. An independent study shows that GenTegra-RNA protects RNA better than shipment on dry ice. And unlike dry ice, GenTegra-RNA goes on protecting the RNA even if shipments are delayed for days or even weeks.

Product features

RNA Protection

GenTegra RNA stops RNA degradation at the source by stopping RNase activity as soon as it’s added to the RNA solution. GenTegra RNA also protects RNA from hydrolysis and oxidation, stabilizing samples for long-term ambient temperature storage.

Wide Temperature Range

GenTegra RNA stabilizes RNA samples for a wide temperature range. Unlike dry ice and cold packs, which cannot protect samples during delivery delays, GenTegra RNA ensures that samples are protected for days or even weeks while in transport.

Easy recovery

Samples can be easily recovered after transportation. Simply add water to recover 100% of the sample and prepare to use it for any downstream application necessary.

Long-term Protection and Stability

RNA samples stored in the dry state on GenTegra RNA show no degradation after the equivalent of four years of ambient temperature storage.

  • Format 0.50ml screw cap tube, 0.50ml cluster tube, 96-well microtiter plate, dry bulk
  • Total RNA application amount < 20 µg
  • Sample application volume 1-50ul (special handling required for volumes less than 20ul)
  • Recovery volume Equals application volume
  • Stability for transport Tolerance for extreme temperatures
  • Shelf life 3 years (prior to use)
  • Drying FastDryer (overnight), SpeedVac (2-4 hours, depending on volume/type of SpeedVac), under biosafety hood (14 hours)
  • Recover > 99 %

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