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Innovative non-contact liquid handling instruments

The latest development in contactless liquid handling

Dispendix is a manufacturer of high-quality and highly innovative contactless liquid handling devices. In addition, they offer several solutions for remote genome sequencing and liquid handling. However, the most well-known and prominent products from Dispendix are non-contact liquid-handling machines, which are able to dose droplets into microplates of various sizes. The droplets being dosed are of nanosize.

Logically, such a method has many advantages, including eliminating human error and repetitive strain injuries, minimizing (cross) contamination of samples and reducing the use of plastic, because you can save enormously on pipette tips. Dispendix devices are used in a variety of industries, from pharma to biotechnology to life science.


The I.DOT liquid handler

Exceed the boundries of liquid handling

Non-contact Liquid Handling
Advanced Droplet Detection System

Through NBS Scientific, Dispendix offers you the I.DOT liquid handler, a non-contact dispensing machine for nanoliter sized droplets. This enables far-reaching and complicated processing in various parts of life science research. The instrument is capable of dosing volumes as small as 8 nL with great speed and precision. The I.DOT is suitable for compound dispensing, assay development, genomics and proteomics and cell dispensing. With the patented Drop Detection technology you always have an overview of the manipulations you have performed.

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