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Can be used for -80°C storage!

TPE Push Caps

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Securely seal your storage tubes

Preserve the integrity of your samples with Micronic push caps!

Micronic Push Caps for internally threaded and externally threaded 96-format tubes are manufactured from chemically resistant and hydrophobic polymer that ensures longterm sample integrity, even after caps have been pierced multiple times.

Product features


The TPE push caps can be pierced repeatedly without losing seal integrity.

Tube Compatibility

The TPE Capcluster-96 for internally threaded 96-well format tubes is compatible with the volumes: 0.50ml, 0.75ml, 1.10ml, 1.40ml, and 2.00ml, and are available in 13 different colors. The TPE Capmat-96 for internally threaded tubes is available in 8 different colors. The TPE Capcluster-96 and Capmat-96 for externally threaded 96-well format tubes are compatible with the volumes: 0.30ml, 0.40ml, 0.75ml, 0.80ml, 1.40ml en 2.00ml, and only available in the natural color.

Push Cap Format

The TPE push caps are available in three different formats: TPE Capcluster (caps 96 tubes at once; remove backing to leave each tube individually capped), TPE Capmat (caps 96 tubes at once; non-removable backing keeps tubes together once capped), and TPE Capband (caps strip of 8 or 12 tubes in a single row or column). The Capband is only available for internally threaded tubes.


The TPE push caps resist chemical solvents. All caps are produced in a class 7 clean room and are RNase/DNase and Pyrogen free.

  • Material Thermo Plastic Elastomer
  • Cap height 4.8 mm
  • Temperature range '-80°C to +100°C (without retaining foil)
  • Available gamma irradiated, (15 kGy avg.) or EtO treated
  • Available pre-capped on Micronic push cap tubes
  • Available with split septum to pierce with pipette tip

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Can be used for -80°C storage!

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