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Scinomix Tube Labels

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The Scinomix Labels

Strong and versatile labels that work with the Sci-Print labellers

Where normal labels/stickers fail to stick to the tubes, the Scinomix labels are design to last. The Scinomix labels are developed by a team scientists together with the market leading label manufacturer. This powerful combination designed labels that are stronger and better sticking.

The Scinomix labels vary in size, shape, colour and configuration. Do you require something more specific for your laboratory needs? We got you covered! Simply ask for a quotation and specify what your team needs.

Strong adhesive build for and by scientists

And is able to withstand chemicals & solvents

Strong adhesive

The labels of Scinomix are designed by a team of scientific researchers in combination with the world leading label manufacturer. This combined strength led to creating the ultimate adhesive strength of the labels. This makes the labels resistant to fall off during cryogenic treatment of the sample tubes. The Labels can handle temperatures as low as -196°C and as high as + 100°C.

Next to being very strong attached to the sample storage tubes, the adhesive and the labels are also very well protected against chemicals that may come in contact with the label as well as exposure to any organic solvents.

Product features

Low temprature proof

With the labels of Scinomix you no longer have to worry they will fall off during cryogenic treatment and/or cryo-storage.

Chemical resistent

When working with the Scinomix Labels, it is safe to use organic solvents or other chemicals, the labels wont fade.

Wide variety

There is a wide variety of label size, shapes and colours for every workflow available.

Scientist Aproved

All of the label from Scinomix are created for and by scientist in collaboration with an industry-expert in label manufacturing.

  • Upper resistance temperature +100°C
  • Lower resistance temperature -196°C
  • Minimum Application Temperature -12°C
  • Compatible Tube Labellers Sci-Print VX2 / VXL

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