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Scinomix Plate Labels

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The Scinomix Rack Labels

Strong labels for your sample storage racks and plates

The plate labels by Scinomix are designed to stay on the surface of a lot different sample storage racks and microplates. They can be placed manually, but they work best in combination with a Scinomix Plate Labeller that labels any of your plates and racks.

These labels were designed by a group of scientists and the industry leader in label manufacturers. They worked hard on getting the highest quality labels that can withstand very low temperatures.

With the Scinomix plate labels you can label just about any plate you desire. That is because they come in different shapes and sizes and are all made for the industry standard racks and plates.

But do you require something more specific that is not in our list? Simply ask for a quotation and specify what your team needs are. Our team will find the fitting solution!

The Scinomix plate labels are designed for and by scientists

And are able to endure chemicals & organic solvents

Strong adhesive

The plate labels of Scinomix are designed by a team of scientific researchers that needed a label with a strong adhesive, even in low temperature conditions. They worked together with the world leading label manufacturer to design the ultimate plate labels. The Scinomix Plate Labels can handle temperatures as low as -53.89°C (-65°F) and as high as +93.33°C (+200°F). This strong bond between the plate and the labels tenure you never loose track of your valuable samples.

The adhesive that is being used to secure the plate labels to the plate/rack is also designed to withstand exposure to chemicals or any organic solvents that may come in contact with the label.

Product features

Low temprature proof

With the labels of Scinomix you no longer have to worry they will fall off with temperatures as low as -53.89°C (-65°F)

Chemical resistent

When working with the Scinomix Labels, it is safe to use organic solvents or other chemicals, the labels wont fade, dissolve or fall off.

Wide variety

There is a wide variety of plate label sizes, shapes and colours for every workflow available.

Scientist Aproved

All of the label from Scinomix are created for and by scientist in collaboration with an industry-expert in label manufacturing.

  • Upper resistance temperature 93.33°C
  • Lower resistance temperature -53.89°C
  • Minimum Application Temperature +4.44°C
  • Compatible Rack Labellers Sci-Print MP2 + Sci-Print MP2+

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