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COVID-19 Testing Workflow

Using Micronic products

To optimize the RT-qPCR testing workflow

Micronic offers sample storage consumables and laboratory automation equipment that can help maintain sample integrity and sample traceability in the lab. Their portfolio includes:

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0.75ml External Thread Hybrid Tubes

The Micronic hybrid tube combines automated and visual sample identification. The tubes have 4 unique coding concepts to ensure traceability.
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Micronic Rack Reader DR710

The DR710 is equipped with a uniquely designed active anti-frost system so that tube codes from even frozen samples can be read.
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Micronic Docking Station for CS500 Line

The Micronic Docking Station is a useful add-on for our CS500, CS510 and CS520 Screw Cap Recappers that offers the consistency of an automated recapping system.
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