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SPL Guard: Florida

SKU: AG20610

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For controlled sample thawing

A solution for thawing samples in a multi-rack capacity

The SPL Guard Florida is a solution for controlled thawing of samples in a multi-rack capacity.  The defrosting station can be used stand-alone or in a robotized workstation such as a liquid handler. The Florida is the fastest defrosting station on the market, thawing up to 10 racks in just 9 minutes. The SPL Guard Florida can also thaw samples at a consistent rate and temperature, guaranteeing sample quality and sample integrity for downstream research. When using the SPL Guard Florida to thaw samples, researchers can reduce uneven thawing to less than 20% per rack. For other instruments in the market, uneven thawing rates of more than 50% typically happen.

Product Features


The thawing with the SPL Guard Florida full loaded with racks on the platform is 60% faster than any similar equipment in the market.

Even thawing

All samples to go through the same temperature treatment when thawing, resulting in equal quality of all the samples in a rack.

  • Integration Remote I/O port for integration with liquid handlers or automated systems.
  • Large, custom-configurable thawing surface
  • Power Seven high-tech fans (150 cfm of air power)
  • Energy-efficient

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