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Scinomix Screw Cap Microtubes

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Ultra clear tubes for various applications

Discover the Scinomix microtubes

For your different needs, we now offer ultra clear Scinomix micro tubes. These tubes are made in the USA with excellent quality, competitive prices and good availability. These tubes are the right choice for all applications that require a clear view of the contents. Manufactured from high clarity, ultra-pure polypropylene (meets FDA 21 CFR 177.1520 and USP Class VI), suitable for a wide range of temperatures – from -196°C to +121°C (note: not suitable for immersion in liquid nitrogen), certified traceable-free RNase, DNase, DNA, PCR inhibitors and tested non-pyrogenic and ideal for boiling applications. The tubes are ringed and self-standing.

Product features

Suitable for a wide temperature range

The Scinomix microtubes can withstand temperatures ranging from -196˚C to +121˚C.

Free from RNase, DNase, DNA, PCR inhibitors and non-pyrogenic

With the Scinomix microtubes you don’t have to worry about other contents in your tube as they are RNase, DNase, DNA, PCR inhibitor and pyrogen free.

Ideally compatible with Scinomix equipment

These tubes are the perfect complement to the Scinomix labellers.

Ultra clear Polypropylene

Scinomix microtubes feature a very clear design that is beneficial for life science operations.

  • Temperature range -196˚C to +121˚C
  • Volume 0.5 or 2.0 ml
  • External Contents Free from RNase, DNase, DNA, PCR inhibitors and non-pyrogenic
  • Boiling Applications

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