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Scinomix 384 Pin Replicators

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Use this replicator with 384-well micro plates to transfer smaller volumes

Disposable and automation friendly

The 384-well Replicators by Scinomix are especially design for one time usage. After use they may be disposed of, which eliminates the thread of cross-contamination. Normal metal replicators are too expensive to throw away, so they are not cross-contamination-free

The 384-well replicators are designed to work with automation robots in every laboratory possible and that is due to their gripper-friendly design. With a topheight of 5mm, the replicator slide easily into place.

For the 384 replicators there is one version available with short pins (12 mm).
These replicators are meant to transfer small volumes from one 384-well microplate to another. Why choose replicators? That is because replicators are faster then doing it one at a time manually, which saves valuable research time.

Product features


Faster then doing it by hand and faster then doing it one at a time.

Automation Friendly

Compatible with Scinomix equipment and robot friendly due to its design features


Made from Polypropylene and easily dispoable


Free of any detectable contamination and delivered in sterile packaging

  • Material Polypropylene
  • Micro Plate compatibility 384-well
  • Grip-top Height 5 mm
  • Length 12 mm
  • Disposable
  • Sold per case

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