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You can send an email with photo, then we will process it as being a complaint. Then if the complaint is justified the product will be redelivered.

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In case of an order of a wrong product, please contact the sales department: they will handle it further.

See terms and conditions.

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It can sometimes happen that your order is delivered later than desired. This may have several causes: article not in stock, delay in shipping. We always try to keep you as well informed as possible about the delivery.

You do not need to specifically consider something. For equipment and other fragile items, our boxes will have a "this side up" sticker. Please do not accept the box if the box is delivered the wrong way around and please make a report. For products with clean-room conditions, the clean-room bags will be shipped in a cardboard box. Please do not cut too deeply into the box to prevent the clean room bags from breaking.

If possible, always sign for delivery.