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Welcome to NBS Scientific's customer satisfaction survey.

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For every questionnaire completed, you have the choice between two options:

1. Receive a free €10,- card for you spend on anything you like. You will receive the voucher via email.

2. NBS Scientific will plant 2 trees through Trees For All. This initiative was created to help reduce CO2 emissions and therefore global warming. By planting trees in locations where they are most needed, we can thus collectively contribute to a better environment.

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Customer satisfaction survey 2023


Contact & Relationship

How satisfied are you...
...with the knowledge of our Sales Managers?*
...about the degree of thinking with you?*
...on keeping agreements made?*
...on the handling of any complaints?*
...about the response time regarding offers, answers to your questions, etc.?*
...about the (telephone) reachability of NBS Scientific?*
...about the way our staff speak to you?*
...about NBS Scientific's billing?*

Information facility

How satisfied are you...
...about the information provided on our website?*
...about the information offered through our brochures, leaflets and e-mail?*

Products & Services

How satisfied are you...
...with the quality of our products?*
...the innovativeness of our products?*
...the quality of our technical service?*


How satisfied are you...
...with the delivery of our products?*
...with the information that we provide on delivery times?*

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