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Affordable high-quality consumables

IVUS is a Danish company, which has the goal to always develop and manufacture affordable high-quality consumables for laboratories & clinical sampling. They strive to deliver unique lab results. For IVUS, it is very important to improve and ease the life of patients and people working in health care, education and research.

Hygienic Urine Sampling

Improve & ease the life of patients

The IVUS Hygienic Urine Sampling Kit is developed to simplify and facilitate clean, hygienic and sterilized urine collection for regular and advanced testing. Touchless Urine Sampling means, no spill and no mess. The urine will stay in a closed system until testing, to avoid sample contamination.

It has been shown that up to 42% of urine specimens are contaminated and this gives false-positive/false-negative results. It is proved that proper collection of the sample can reduce this incorrect results up to 77%.

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